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AC Panel Rittal System climate control Protection of process control Everyone talks about the future, but Rittal helps shape it and that includes the field of climate control. Development work focuses on the holistic protection of process control with the minimum possible energy consumption. Modern cooling units with excellent efficiency and perfect interface technology, together with liquid cooling concepts, offer fresh new perspectives for the correct cooling of electronic components. This is crucial to the availability and reliability of machinery and IT technology. For this reason, Rittal collaborates closely with you to develop customised climate control concepts. System climate control 1. IT Cooling 2. Cooling units 3. Chiller systems 4. TopTherm-Plus cooling units TopTherm-Plus cooling units 1. TopTherm-Plus roof-mounted cooling units 1. With Basic controller 2. Stainless steel Flexible performance Only 3 mounting cutouts for 6 different output categories in 28 design variants. Targeted air routing in the enclosure The internal air circulation is targeted and effective: The heated air is extracted centrally. Air exhaust occurs in the four corners, depending on requirements. Note Integration of the cooling units with Comfort controller, e.g. into superordinate remote monitoring systems, can be achieved by means of an optional interface board SK 3124.200 ( RS 232, RS 485, RS 422 and PLC interface) . For Supply includes Fully wired ready for connection, including drilling template and assembly parts. Products in category : 1. Products in category " Useful cooling output 1000 W 2. Products in category " Useful cooling output 1500 W 3. Products in category " Useful cooling output 2000 W 4. Products in category " Useful cooling output 3000 W 5. Products in category " Useful cooling output 500 W 6. Products in category " Useful cooling output 750 W 2. TopTherm-Plus cooling units 3. Modular climate control concept 4. Climate control side panels 5. Thermoelectric Cooler 6. Accesories 5. Heat exchangers 6. Fan-and-filter units 7. Liquid cooling 8. Heaters 9. Climate control tailored to enclosures 10. RiNano 11. Direct Cooling Package Rittal DCP 12. Accessories For More Information, please contact us at : TRATIKA COMPUTER ( TRATIKA INDONESIA GROUP) Mall Balubur Lantai 1 Blok F/ 11 Jl. Taman Sari, Bandung 40116 http: / / http: / / Ema il : tratika.indonesia@ tratikaindonesia@ YM : eaglekoala